Commercial Radio Hong Kong announced the launch of their ‘Rich Premium Audience Extension Advertising Package’ which will be available from November 2020. It is a joint marketing project with Maadtech, a programmatic technology integrator and Acqua Media Hong Kong, one of Asia’s top yield management company and part of the Anymind Group and Adzymic, an award winning adtech firm from Singapore.

“As a leading radio broadcaster in Hong Kong, this innovative product reflects our continuous commitment and investment to advance our digital footprint in the Hong Kong media scene,” says Alan Choy, General Manager, Commercial Radio Interactive. “This new product is the first in Hong Kong incorporating the latest digital campaign features and programmatic 2.0 ad technologies to significantly improve our advertisers’ campaign performance and cost effectiveness with high impact Rich Media formats and Super Premium Inventory from our sites and apps and other leading publisher. It can be purchased independently or bundled with our on air advertising packages. ”

“Our Programmatic 2.0 platform provides a seamless one stop solution to access premium ad inventory, DMP technology, advance audience targeting and retargeting capabilities, rich media creative optimization, plus optional personalized DCO functions all in one package; which not only offers convenience but also at a very competitive price.’ added Ramond Yiu, co-founder and Executive Director of Maadtech Programmatic.

Acqua Media is the 3rd party inventory provider for this joint project. “We identify and provide premium 3rd party ad inventory from top publisher sites in Hong Kong retargeting the Commercial Radio audiences to deliver campaign frequency efficiently, and also captures the ‘looklike’ audiences profiled from the Maadtech DMP engine from our publisher sites to help achieve incremental reach at scale.” commented Ben Chien, CEO of Acqua Media.

“We are excited to be able to partner with Commercial Radio and other partners to extend our award winning creative management platform and DCO technology to Hong Kong. We look forward to make our contribution to advance the Programmatic creative best practice in Asia and help client achieve their goals effectively.” Comments Kenniess Wong, CEO of Adzymic Singapore.

The ‘Rich Premium Audience Extension Advertising Package’ is available at the Commercial Radio sales office, and also via Maadtech Programmatic, Acqua Media and Kitchen-Digital in Hong Kong.

Media Contact:

Commercial Radio Interactive, Hong Kong

Alan Choy, General Manager / / +852 23394645

Maadtech Programmatic

Ramond Yiu, Executive Director / / +852 94946699

About Maadtech:

Maadtech Programmatic Asia Limited is an innovative Programmatic technologies integrator with deep industry knowledge and insights to support Marketers, Agencies and Publishers improve their campaign performance and inventory yield.

The company’s Programmatic 2.0 platform and solutions bring together the latest adtech and martech seamlessly under one roof to enable effective and painless adoption of programmatic advertising in display and social media across Asia.