Maadtech the newly established adtech and martech developer announced the launch of their Programmatic 2.0 Audience Extension Advertising Package in Hong Kong, an innovative and high performance managed solution.

This unique offer is first of its kind in Asia, and made possible by the collaboration between Maadtech Programmatic, Commercial Radio’s, Acqua Media, Kitchen Digital and Adzymic Singapore.

‘The package name is mouth full but it does reflect the richness of the functions and advanced technologies incorporated in this new advertising package. Marketers and advertisers can benefit tremendously from its cost effectiveness because it offers precision targeting and offsite retargeting of the core audience based on DMP profiling, and also extended reach to those ‘lookalike’ targets from 3rd party premium publishes’ audiences.’ Said Ramond Yiu, Executive Director of Maadtech.

‘There are also other built in campaign optimization tools offering rich media and hi-impact ad formats on a creative management platform (CMP), dynamic creative optimization (DCO) options and campaign staging to effectively manage a ‘full funnel’ audience journey, all included in this one-stop package.’ Added Yiu.

‘We are very proud to be able to partner with a leading media brand in Hong Kong to launch our first flag ship product for Publishers. ‘From an industry perspective, we have taken away the pain and agony for advertisers and agencies to deal with different vendors to implement programmatic campaigns. We also hope to resolve advertisers’ previous concerns on transparency, brand safety and ad fraud issues.’ Commented Wilson Chan, Executive Director of Maadtech.

Attachment: Programmatic 2.0 Audience Extension Advertising Package 2021 leaflet PDF


About Maadtech (

Maadtech Programmatic Asia Limited is an innovative Programmatic technologies integrator with deep industry knowledge and insights to support Marketers, Agencies and Publishers to improve their campaign performance and inventory yield.

The company’s Programmatic 2.0 platform and solutions bring together the latest adtech and martech seamlessly under one roof to enable effective and painless adoption of programmatic advertising in display, social media and other channels.