Maadtech, a Programmatic adtech and martech start up, announced the successful launch of their Programmatic 2.0 Platform solutions in Hong Kong which promises advance adtech features and campaign performance optimization. It is expected to be available in other Asian markets in 2021.

The Maadtech Programmatic 2.0 Platform brings together the latest adtech and premium ad inventory under one roof and supports 3 main products, namely Programmatic 2.0 solutions for advertisers and agencies to run and manage their digital ad campaigns, Social Media Extension for marketers to supercharge and break through wall gardens for boosting incremental reach, and Publisher Revenue Optimization for site owners and media companies to optimize their inventory and also create new revenue streams. The company also offers digital strategy consulting when required.

All three products offered are customized to be seamless one-stop packages featuring advance technologies including DMP, DSP, AI/ML, DCO, CMP, GEO and hi impact creative etc., as well as premium inventory supply from leading SSP and DSPs. At this point the products are offered as managed services. A SaaS model is under development and will be roll out soon.

“We saw a huge problem and opportunity in Asia that Programmatic buying is severely underutilized,” says co-founder and Executive Director Wilson Chan, a veteran in the ad industry. ‘When the US and UK have an adoption rate approaching 90% in Programmatic buying, Asia is only averaged at around 30% level. Something is not right there, so we went on to find out why and how we can help our industry to evolve and align with global best practices.

‘Upon in-depth study and industry research, we found that there are two main obstacles slowing the Programmatic development in Asia: Firstly, advertisers felt somewhat intimidated by the high sounding tech talks and ‘black box’ approach in Programmatic advertising, so while they recognize the value and benefits, the actual adoption and migration could be slow and hesitant. This was clearly confirmed by the recent Rubicon Project/Campaign Asia research report.’

‘It took us 2 years on our R&D efforts to identify and assemble the core technologies to offer a complete and painless solution for advertisers and agencies. We want to differentiate it from the past and call our products a Programmatic 2.0 offering. We are grateful that we can accomplish the task especially under the difficult COVID-19 situation”

The second challenge we saw was advertisers in Asia expects a high level of direct service from their programmatic suppliers which often they may not be able to support. Thus we decided to launch our product on a one-stop managed services model from creative to planning to buying to optimization and reporting, so that it offers true efficiency and saves the advertisers and agencies internal efforts.

“We look forward to take one small step forward for the industry to advance the adoption of programmatic marketing in Asia.’ Added Chan.

Maadtech Programmatic is founded by a team of veteran ad agency, media and datatech professionals and industry partners since 2019.

Media Contact:

Maadtech Programmatic

Ramond Yiu / / +852 94946699 (Hong Kong)

Wilson Chan / / +6686 8866228 (Thailand)

About Maadtech:

Maadtech Programmatic Asia Limited is an innovative Programmatic technologies integrator with deep industry knowledge and insights to support Marketers, Agencies and Publishers improve their campaign performance and inventory yield.

The company’s Programmatic 2.0 platform and solutions bring together the latest adtech and martech seamlessly under one roof to enable effective and painless adoption of programmatic advertising in display and social media across Asia.